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The "Site" (www.terapiaefficace.it) uses cookies to offer you a better service more in line with your needs.

 Cookies Usage

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's computer by websites. Following the changes introduced by Directive 2009/136/EC on Privacy and Electronic Communications, implemented by Legislative Decree 5/28/2012, n. 69, it is now illegal to use cookies to collect information about users without first obtaining their consent. There have been numerous discussions in the media regarding cookies and the privacy of users on the Internet, and the legislative changes aim to make it easier for users to know and control the information that websites, such as Terapia Efficace, store about them.

Why Terapia Efficace uses cookies?

Terapia Efficace uses cookies for many reasons. Some cookies are essential, as it would not be possible, for example, to set users' language preferences or collect consent for the acceptance of the cookie policy.

Terapia Efficace is always looking for ways to improve its website and make it easier for the user to collect information about its services. To this end, it is important for Terapia Efficace to understand how users use its website.

Cookies also help Terapia Efficace to offer the user a better service; for example, more viewed pages may indicate greater general interest in the topic.

Terapia Efficace has classified the cookies it uses according to the type of use.
Terapia Efficace classifies cookies in the Essential, Statistical, Functional and Tracking categories.

How to notify the user and obtain his consent

When you visit the Terapia Efficace website for the first time, a banner is displayed at the bottom of the screen informing you that Terapia Efficace uses the cookies described in this Policy on this site. The banner asks the user if he wants more information and contains a link to open the corresponding page. If you decide to ignore the notification and continue to use the website, Terapia Efficace  will store a cookie on your computer to record this choice and subsequent navigation of the website will be considered consent to the use of cookies used on the website in question. The notification banner will not reappear on the screen on future visits to the website, but users have the ability to remove cookies at any time through their browser settings.

If you decide to partially or totally remove cookies, it should be remembered that the use of the website can be influenced by the removal of cookies and, if the computer on which cookies are deactivated is shared, this removal will affect all users who they use this computer.

The Help section of your web browser should contain information about managing your cookie settings.

This page is a summary and lists ALL the cookies used for the website  www.terapiaefficace.it.

Terapia Efficace is not responsible for the content of external third party websites that may or may not set cookies.

Where you can find more information about cookies

Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data:


Types of cookies used by Terapia Efficace:


Terapia Efficace uses Essential cookies only for access to protected areas of the site. This is essential to be able to recognize the user while browsing the reserved area of the website.

Statisticians:Statistical cookies collect information on how the website is used by the user, for example: which pages are visited and the errors that can be encountered. These cookies are absolutely anonymous and are used only to help Terapia Efficace improve the functioning of its website and to understand users' interests.

Functional cookies are used to provide services or remember settings in order to improve the visit and the user experience on Terapia Efficace websites, for example to automatically set users' language preferences allowing the chosen language to remain set even for subsequent visits.

Types of cookies NOT used by Terapia Efficace:

Tracking cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as the "Like" and "Share" buttons and tracking the effectiveness of advertising. These services are provided by third parties in exchange for acknowledging that the Terapia Efficace website has been visited by the user.

Terapia Efficace does NOT currently use tracking cookies to connect to social networks such as Facebook, which can then use the information on the user's visit to send targeted advertising to other websites
Provide advertising agencies with information about your visit so that they can serve you advertisements in which you may be interested


These cookies are used to present content more suited to you and your interests. They can be used to display targeted advertisements or to limit the number of times you view an advertisement. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Terapia Efficace does NOT currently use Targeting cookies